Memory Care Unit

A communal area with seating, a refrigerator, shelving, and microwave

Dementia is a gradual deterioration of mental functioning, such as concentration, memory, and judgment, which affect a person’s ability to perform daily activities. The first step in treatment is to understand the individual including history and physical health.

We provide a dedicated nursing staff to handle all memory care and dementia patients. We have a secure unit that provides them with a specific activity room devoted to keeping them active. This unit is also very spacious which enables the residents to have a lot of movement.

Our interdisciplinary team with the involvement and support of our mental health partners evaluates each individual and develops a tailored care plan. We believe that often the behavior exhibited by those with dementia is an expression of unmet needs. We work to discover and address those needs in a compassionate and dignified way. Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center of Frederick does have a secured environment for those who may be at risk for elopement.